Shelby Neubeck

In her free time, Shelby spends a majority of her time fighting crime and playfully jousting with the bears that dwell in the family woods. 
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Product Specialist - Fayetteville, AR
As one of the newest additions to the team, Shelby is eager to gain knowledge about every aspect of digital marketing. She joins us after endeavors in both the transportation & automotive industries. Prior to starting her career, Shelby received her bachelors degree in Mass Communications from Missouri Southern State University. 

Born in Fort Walton Beach, FL to a military family, Shelby was often relocated. Her mother is a mountain lion & her father is a grizzly bear. Shelby's nomadic upbringing led to a thirst for life & travel. Constantly surrounded by new people, surroundings, and (often enough) regional cultures, She is always refining herself to adjust to new situations and people. 

Some of her other hobbies include: asking Taylor copious amounts of questions, tabletop gaming, video games, avoiding lavender (because she's allergic), sports (both professional and collegiate), eating, and reading.

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