• All About Kayla

Digital Media Specialist/Account Manager - Jefferson City, MO
Kayla Arnold grew up in California, MO. She graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 2014 with a bachelor of science in Mass Communication. In 2015, she became the Digital Media Specialist/ Account Manager for Front Page Digital, a digital marketing agency powered by the News Tribune and WEHCO Media. In November 2016, Front Page Digital rebranded to become Flypaper. “Being part of a company from the beginning helps give me motivation to make a difference. I am not only determined to help Flypaper grow, but to grow my clients’ businesses.” Kayla is currently in charge of maintaining 18 accounts. “We have been very pleased with the work that has been done on our website as well as the attention and cooperation we receive from our representative, Kayla.” says Tracey from Dala’s Bridal Boutique.

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