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We are attached to our devices like they are an extension of us and consumers check their email at least 1 time each day! Flypaper's mission is to make your business an option to consumers and if they are checking their email, your business should be there.  We will construct a monthly plan for you to send out emails in a variety of formats depending on the needs of you business. Just leave it to us.

Don't have an email database? That's OK! Stirring up interest with your audience will cause them to engage with your brand. Flypaper will create interesting content in the form of blogs, newsletters or just fun promotions to promote your business and collect email addresses in return from your audience. 

What's Next?

Intrigued? Interested? At least mildly amused? Let us know. We get over-the-top excited to talk strategies/options/bottom line with people who are serious about moving their business to the next level. Contact Us
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