Damien Chaney

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Digital Media Consultant - Chattanooga, TN
Damien has lived a colorful life, appearing in reality TV, Nike commercials, and dancing with Beyonce's choreography team where he earned the nickname "Baby D". 

Growing up he played football, basketball, and was a gymnast. Through this he found a passion for connecting art and athleticism. Along the way he found inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Pharrell, and Phil Knight - always putting his own spin on their work. 

After playing basketball for Covenant College and professionally in Greece, Damien has worked in the technology and start-up Industry for a number of years building a foundation of valuable knowledge on social media and the internet. 

Flypaper has allowed him to combine his creative mindset and competitive nature with the challenge of creating real solutions for business owners trying to connect with their customers online. Each day he's tasked with being better than the he was the day before. It is this mindset spilled into his work with local entrepreneurs and marketers every day.

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