Becky Jackson

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Digital Sales Director - Chattanooga, TN
Becky grew up in New Jersey before landing in Chattanooga to pursue her degree in Business Administration and Pre Law from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Afterwards, she spent 14 years in the legal field where she eventually discovered her love for digital marketing and technology. It allowed her to break loose from rigid legal industry into one that gave her many more opportunities to be creative. 

She then began her marketing career with Blue Cross Blue Shield working with their PR & Marketing Agencies to create messaging and ads for print, digital, and TV. This exposure to digital marketing provided an excellent opportunity for creativity, and spurned a passion for helping businesses transition online regardless of their size or staff. 

She has worked in a number of leadership roles with Flypaper before becoming the Digital Sales Director and has experienced the rapid growth of both the industry and Flypaper. However, her favorite part of it all is "teaching business owners about the capabilities to grow their business right at their fingertips. Our world has changed and it no longer matters if I am conducting business out of a home or in a actual store front - the internet is a gateway to a multitude of audiences. We are no longer limited by physical size, staff or city - anyone can go viral in a matter of 24 hours by a simple captured moment online."

Becky also owns a bakery and enjoys spending time with her husband, family traveling to the Caribbean, and loving on her two dogs. 

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