Pat Eastburn

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Vice President of Sales Development 
Pat works with all of the Flypaper agencies on sales approach, philosophy, training, and organizational structure. He has over 25 years of experience helping business owners maximize their advertising budget and has been in the digital advertising space since 1997 B.G. (which means "before Google").

Prior to joining Flypaper, Pat was the Vice President of Sales for Fivestars Loyalty LLC, a POS based software start up in San Francisco, where he is still maintains an equity stake. Pat also served as a Regional Vice President of Sales for AT&T Advertising Solutions where he helped to build a 28 state "digital only" sales team.

"I have a passion for advertising, specifically digital advertising. People have evolved the way in which they view and consume media. Their eyeballs have moved from more traditional media to new media. Business owners need assistance navigating through the transition of how put their message in front of the right consumers at the right time, and still do it as efficiently and cost effective as possible. They are just looking for an agency they can trust to help them, and that's the very reason Flypaper exists."

When Pat isn't flying around the country eating fast food in airports he enjoys coaching youth baseball, football, basketball and lacrosse and is an Executive Board Member for his local lacrosse organization. Pat is lucky enough to have a supportive and patient wife, 4 children and 200lbs. of dog.

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